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Very well done.

I always enjoy your stuff. Your animation has gotten better since I last saw it, and your humor's still sharp. Just keep with it, and hopefully you won't end up as a hobo.


I watched this a few years ago on your site, dunno how I got there, and saw this. I thought it was hilarious, but never saw any of your other stuff. It'll be nice to see what you're up to these days! (and see what I've been missing =D)

Nicely done.

Simplistic, but for what's there, it's quite nicely executed. The audio isn't perfect, but it does sync nicely. Towards the end it's a bit slow, maybe speed up the framerate towards the end. For a first submission, I think it's quite good.

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Not bad

Kinda fun, but nothing i'd waste much time on.

C360 responds:

Can you get 300 points? 500? How about a thousand?

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I'm lost. But in a good way.

Man. You have some talent for creating some immersive music. It's really easy to get lost in your addictive loops and smooth transitions, at least on the few pieces of yours that I've heard. A bit repetitive for me in middle, but it really set up the next part when the guitar comes back in perfectly. Kind of like a trippy blues piece, overall.

Lapse responds:

Thanks a lot, man. Glad you like. I just checked the main audio page and was surprised to have 4 of my pieces on there. Kind of cool. The portion in the middle was inspired by disco-edits. Which are extremely repetitive dancy-ish tracks, some interesting remixes from them. Check out Tiger & Woods, if you're curious. Glad you like, Blues and Jazz are a big influence for me.

Amazingly unique.

I must admit, I thoroughly hate the way the beginning sounds. However, once the beat kicks in, it just makes sense; everything comes together, and the introduction even makes sense in a sort of insane way. At 0:45, It's just like: "O.O... Win." It builds nicely, and is very well done. I especially like the way the off beat comes in towards the end.

I liked it.

I really like how you did this one. Both the classical and trance-like portions were quite good, and I especially liked the transitions. The strings seemed to sit nicely underneath the synths. B-b-b-b-BASS. Nicely done, sir. (Madam?)

Carf responds:

Sir it is ;0.
Thanks for your rev, always like to hear what other people like and dislike about it. Better then the standard **I rly liek thzz trax!!1** No offence to that but still...it doesn't help me finding out what people are looking for.

Anyways, lots of experiments done in this track, althrough the strings can be MORE orchestral then they are now...I just like to hear an explosion of srings. But maybe I will come up with a remix later this year ;)

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